Marcia White

Etsy An Affordable Place for Outstanding Jewellery

Etsy, like eBay and Amazon, allows individuals to list their own items, including jewellery and handbags.  However, unlike the aforementioned, Etsy is used by creatives to sell handmade and handcrafted goods, as well as vintage items.

The metaphor of buying from a corporation equates to helping to fund a third yacht for a CEO, whereas buying from a small local business helps to pay for a little girl’s piano lessons or a little boy’s karate kit, is very true when it comes to buying from Etsy. Shop holders are often stay-at-home mothers, young crafters, or creatives looking to start something of their own.  With the people behind each shop, comes better customer service and a level of quality and care that cannot be paralleled by a multi-national corporation.

Each handcrafted item tells a story. A story of a creative individual with an idea. An idea that becomes a reality as they share it with the world. Buying a piece of jewellery from an Etsy shop is buying so much more than a necklace or bracelet, it’s buying a unique item, handcrafted from the finest materials, from one person’s heart to your home.

Etsy Gemstone Jewellery and Vintage Necklaces

Unique Affordable Gifts.