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Epigenitics Shows Us We Can Turn Our Genes On or Off!

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Even if we have that dreaded Cancer Gene, Epigenetics shows us that we can turn our Genes On or Off!

I always knew that our thoughts and beliefs were controlling our lives, even making us ill.  I needed proof so that people would believe what I was saying.  At first, no one seemed to want to listen to this information.  I knew it could help millions of people, so I dug deeper and deeper and deeper to get the Scientific proof to satisfy those who felt that my work is just plain weird.  It has been an immense labour of love and a huge battle, fighting against prejudices and old established beliefs.

We have all been taught things that are incorrect and understandably, we feel and believe that what we have been taught has to be the truth.  A lot of us are unable to accept change and therefore, we are unable to believe that Science has moved on, even though we know that Science is an evolving subject and most Professors will agree that there is still a lot we don’t yet know.

For the past twenty or more years I have studied and researched the sub-conscious mind, the mind/body relationship, NLP, health and nutrition, and more recently Epigenetics.

New discoveries have inevitably made some of the ‘facts’ in the text books, regarding our genes running our lives and the ‘fact’ that we cannot change this, completely redundant.  According to Dr Bruce Lipton, these ‘facts’ were not actually based on any scientific discoveries or proof.  They were just simply, what was presumed to be the case at the time, based on available knowledge.  These presumptions were put in the text books and accepted as ‘fact’.

It seems to take at least 15 years for any new Science to be incorporated into the educational system.  In the meantime, for that period of 15 years or thereabouts, students are taught known inaccuracies and sometimes even lies.  They continue to be taught this because it is in the syllabus, and the syllabus has been in existence and followed for many years.  Until new textbooks can be published and someone has the time and the budget to rewrite the syllabus, tuition will remain unchanged and students will continue to be taught something that is apparently wrong.  It seems that our brightest students are currently being taught so called ‘facts’ that Science has now proved to be incorrect.  Surely there has got to be a better way to educate our brightest minds?

Bruce Lipton Ph.D, a cellular biologist who pioneered research on cloned stem cells and the revolutionary field of Epigenetics, stated that he quit his job at a University Medical School because he was no longer prepared to teach his students so called ‘facts’ which he had proved to be incorrect. He was not allowed to change the course to incorporate the new Science.

Subsequently, as a fellow in pathology at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, his published research on the human immune system gave us insights into the biochemical pathways that bridge the mind-body duality.

Currently, some of the best Universities in the world are studying, researching and working on Epigentics.  Including John Hopkins, Harvard, MIT and the University of Southern California in the US and Cambridge University, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Kings College London, University College London plus the Brabham Institute at Cambridge, in the UK.

In an article regarding the heart and Epigenetics, published in November 2011, in the Cambridge University newspaper Research, titled ‘Environment and Diet Leave Their Prints On The Heart’ – Roger Foo stated that “By going wider and scanning the genome in greater detail this time – we now have a clear picture of the ‘fingerprint’ of the missing link, where and how epigenetics in heart failure may be changed and the parts of the genome where diet or environment or other external factors may affect outcomes.”

The article goes on to say that the findings deepen our understanding of the genetic changes that can lead to heart disease and how these can be influenced by our diet and our environment.  The findings can potentially open new ways of identifying, managing and treating heart disease.

As in most studies, as one question is resolved, another series of mysteries form in its place.  The study shows that we are still on the frontier of Epigenetics and only just beginning to understand the link between the life we lead and the body we have.  The full article can be read here:

The Brabham Institute in Cambridge which is also researching Epigenetics states  – “We are interested in how epigenetic information is propagated throughout life and affects the function of important organs such as the placenta, the heart, or the brain and behaviour. Remarkably, epigenetic information can be removed from the genome in a process called epigenetic reprogramming which occurs naturally in germ cells or early embryos, but this can also be achieved experimentally. This provides a rationale for potentially removing harmful epigenetic marks associated with ageing or diseases.”

The mechanics of the mind-body interaction reveals how our “learned” perceptions control behaviour, regulate gene expression and even contribute to the rewriting of our genetic code.

In his award winning book ‘The Biology of Belief – Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles’,  Bruce Lipton Ph.D. demonstrates how the new science of Epigenitics is revolutionising our understanding of the linkbetween mind and matter and the profound affects it has on our personal lives and the collective life of our species.

Dr Lipton teaches that the belief that genes control our life is just not true; we are not a victim of our family genes.  He has proved that putting cells in a different environment creates different affects.  It is not the genes, it is the environment.  Our environment and our perception of our environment controls our biology.  What we perceive about a family cancer gene is what we will get, as proved with adopted children who end up getting the family cancer.

We regulate our genes by the way we control our lives.  Our response to the world, our emotions and our beliefs are manipulating our gene activity.  We can in turn manipulate our thoughts and beliefs and become the master of our genetics.  This knowledge is powerful. The affects that our beliefs about our environment and our perceptions have over us, cause our brain to release hormones that send signals and trigger changes in our genes.

Our mind interprets the world and causes the brain to respond.  If we see someone we love, our brain releases wonderful chemicals that go into our bodies, affecting the cells and go into the genes.  The chemistry from the brain baths the cells.  If we feel threatened, the mind does not release the chemistry of love, it releases the chemicals of fear, which in turn shuts down our immune system, shuts down our growth system and alters our biology to such an extent that we can actually die.  This is all to do with perception and belief.  It is the chemistry that gets the genes to express themselves as healthy or mutant genes.  Epigenetics can modify the blueprint of the genes.  Perception can make healthy genes read as mutant genes, the chemistry released by the mind alters the genetic read out.  We are not victims, we can change it around.  When we change the way we live, we can change mutant cells to healthy cells.

A ‘spontaneous remission’, can occur when we change our lives, change our thinking, change our perceptions.

Sickness of cells is a reflection of ones environment.  When cells are not performing well they are responding to our perception of our environment.  By cleaning up our thoughts, our perception around illness, our life and our stress, plus cleaning up our diet, we then set ourselves up for our own ultimate success and well being.  Perceiving life in a healthy way is totally relevant.

Dr Lipton states that to explain further what is going on, we need to know that the conscious and the subconscious minds are two elements working together.  When we understand the differences we have clarity to get out of old beliefs.

The two minds learn in different ways and have different functions.  The conscious mind is the seat of personal identity, our spirit, our creative mind, the seat of who we are, it has our wishes, desires and aspirations for life and visualises what we create.  The subconscious mind is reflective and reactive, it is the habitual mind, it plays habit exactly like a tape recorder, or a programme on a disk.  It records experience and plays it back for us, including natural instincts that we are born with, plus our life experiences.  The subconscious mind is not good or bad, it is just recording everything.   When these automatic subconscious programmes run, we barely notice them, as we are not paying attention.  This is usually when the conscious mind is busy doing other things, engaged in thought and therefore not paying attention to the current moment, so the subconscious mind becomes the default and consequently it takes over.

The subconscious is vast and can manage huge amounts of programmed behaviours, we rarely see it running for ourselves.  It just carries on.

We have to download programs before we can play them, so we spend the first seven years of our lives downloading other peoples behaviours, be they good or bad.  This means that we could and often do, download all sorts of unwanted fears.  It is hypnosis.  When we are young the conscious mind is not operating, so we have no recognition of downloading these fears, patterns and programmes.  Quite often we will end up behaving like our parents.  Everyone else can see this apart from us, because this behaviour is coming from our subconscious and we are not aware of it.  If our family go through a traumatic experience when we are very young, we download trauma and fear.

95% of the time we are running on our default subconscious mind, therefore, only 5% of the time is our conscious mind operating and running our wishes and desires.  We don’t see this problem for ourselves.  Unfortunately we do not see our behaviours that are controlled and directed by our  subconscious mind.

70% of the programs that we have are discrepancies and self sabotaging.  These are not behaviours that we programmed ourselves, they were downloaded automatically from our family and our environment and picked up as a child through hypnosis.

The function of the mind is to create coherence between beliefs and reality.  If I believe I am not good enough, my behaviours will have to be in agreement with that.  In the first seven years we acquire our personal identity by what people are saying about us.  Criticism is taken and downloaded as belief.  Sadly, 90% of people do not have a belief statement that says “I love myself”.

If we are operating from critical programmes, these manifest themselves as the behaviour we are playing. If I believe I am not loveable, my beliefs convert my reality to match, in which case I will not find love.  This is because it is a sub-conscious belief, I believe I am not loveable.  If I cannot love myself, how can someone else love me?  The good news is that life is not prewritten and can be changed.

Good parents are aware only 5% of the time, therefore, 95% of the time they are running on their belief systems and old programmes picked up from their parents.

The pill that we all need to take to get out of this problem, is the one that will get us out of this old programming, so that we can run purposeful programmes that back up our wishes and desires.

When we fall in love, everything is great and we stay mindful, operating from the conscious mind in the fore front of the brain.  We are not operating from programmes, we are continually operating directly from our wishes and desires.  But life gets busy and we start thinking about paying bills etc so the subconscious mind kicks back in as a default, this is not the behaviour of our wishes and desires.  Consequently, we are suddenly inclined to get annoyed or to say something that we would not intentionally have said.  We do not even know that we have done this.  The person we love then thinks, ‘Where the hell did this come from?’  Then we both start to compromise and we loose that heaven on earth feeling.  We are playing these habitual behaviours, 70% of which are not helpful.

We can change these programmes.  The conscious mind can go to a lecture and go ‘Ah ha!’ and a new belief is created, but the subconscious mind does not catch on.  The conscious mind takes it all in, but the subconscious mind does not, so there is no difference in our life.  We can educate the conscious mind but the subconscious mind learns by repetition; repeat, repeat, repeat, plus hypnosis, then we can create the new habits.

By concentrating on being aware, the conscious mind can see when the subconscious mind is doing something that we don’t like, so we can tell ourselves not to do it.  But, we are in the conscious mind and so we are getting angry with ourselves and this makes things worse, eventually we just lay down even more bad stuff about ourselves.

The way to deal with this is to catch the bad habit when it occurs and just notice it, say ‘ok’, and put in place a counter thought to the bad behaviour. State the new behaviour that we want to replace the bad one with.  Repeat this enough times and it will build a new habit.  This continued process rewrites the old habit and thus replaces our behaviours.

There are other methods that can change subconscious behaviours, such as subliminal tapes or hypnosis, especially if used just before we go to sleep, when the open mind can take new programming of habituation, once again stopping and putting in new habits to replace the bad ones.

Put basically, the mind controls our biology, it interprets the world around us, if all is believed or perceived to be good, the brain then releases chemicals such as dopamine for pleasure plus growth hormones, these in turn affect our cells and control our genetics.  It is our internal environment, the chemicals and hormones that have been released, that affects our cells.

Obviously, we need to be careful what we think about.  If we feel or believe that we are not living in a good environment, then we need to look at making changes.  We can start by changing ourselves, our beliefs, our lifestyle, plus our environment, by being more aware, more purposeful, more creative, by studying and learning new things.   If possible, we should each get a mentor or coach to help with these changes, alternatively choose someone that we love and trust completely, who will work as a partner, each helping the other. Keep reviewing and gradually moving into a happier, healthier way of life. Congratulate yourself along the way, feel good about yourself and your progress, learn to love yourself, this will make a huge difference to your life and your happiness, it is not a selfish thing to do, it is the healthy thing to do.

In earlier epigenetics documents and lectures it was stated that only 10% of cancer is genetic, but more recent work has clarified that in fact it is only 1% of cancer that is actually genetic.  We need to re-educate ourselves, to make sure that our environment and our perceptions of our environment are both as healthy and happy as humanly possible.  We have known for sometime that diet and exercise are important factors but when we realise that they can change our brain and even our genes, we begin to understand that it is essential to pay attention to these things.

It has been proved that energy psychology can change our beliefs very quickly.  As reported recently on the BBC News, EFT – Tapping, is beginning to be adopted in the UK National Health Service, initial trials have been incredibly successful. This easy to learn technique has been used to help many Veteran Servicemen in the US.  EFT reportedly enables the body to shut off the stress hormones and to restart the immune system, so the bodies natural healing process can begin.

Meditation is another tool that has proven, calming effects with many health benefits.  Just a few minutes spent tapping and meditating each and every day, could make a beneficial difference to our lives.

With thanks to Dr Bruce Lipton for his informative lectures on the subject of Epigentitics.  Some of Dr Lipton’s lectures are available for viewing on YouTube.

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Environment and Diet Leave Their Prints On The Heart  by Roger Foo from the Cambridge University newspaper Research