Marcia White

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Marcia White – Playwright, screenwriter, writer, journalist, photographer and film maker with design experience. Interested in theatre, playwriting, filming, screenwriting, equality, human rights and health.

Marcia White Playwright, Screenwriter, Writer, Photographer

Having spent four years training in playwriting at Chichester Festival Theatre, and having written four plays, I am currently editing my political/LGBTQ play, and also writing a brand new play about the last woman to be hanged.

Active in a playwriting group that consists of skilled writers, who meet once a week to discuss and review our recent work.

Theatre needs to move with the times and to cherish new work, technology, and innovation. It needs to grow and broaden, as the film industry has done. We must take our audiences on an emotional and spectacular journey.

My work is more suited to film than theatre, so I have been told, consequently I am excited about rewriting one of my plays as a film script. Many excellent films would translate into great plays for the theatre, I look forward to working on some of these in the future.

I enjoy a challenge and learning something new all the time. I am continually building on my knowledge of how the human mind and body relate to each other.

Join The World Magazine

I work as editor, journalist and photographer for Join The World Magazine.  Join The World is a lifestyle magazine concentrating on the use of photographs and videos to illustrate stories and articles. This online magazine began in 2007.